During his tenure at the University of Wisconsin, Gilbert provided numerous opportunities for his students to be exposed to visiting professionals in all theater disciplines as well as to visit and participate in professional productions.  Visiting professionals included lighting, set and costume designers as well as directors and choreographers. These interactions provided valuable experience and connections for students who otherwise would not have access to the professional community during their course of study. With an understanding of the tightened funding available within theater departments across the country, the Hemsley Lighting Programs would provide grants up to $1000 to university or college lighting design departments for proposals that would foster these interactions and provide valuable professional exposure for their students that would otherwise not be possible.


A lighting professor at a university or college lighting design program should write a letter on department letterhead outlining their proposal including a summary of the benefits their students will gain from the proposed experience.  The proposal should also include an itemized budget.  Please address any questions and completed application letters to: Alan Adelman at: HemsleyIntensives@gmail.com