On The Training of Theater Technicians, 1976

Speech given by Gilbert at the OISTAT conference in Prague, Czechoslovakia. The conference was coordinated with the 1975 Prague Quadrennial International Exhibition of Scenography and Theater Architecture. Gilbert was part of the USITT delegation from the United States consisting of professional designers, university faculty, and student participants as well as representatives of major theatrical equipment manufacturers.

Interview with Gilbert Hemsley, 1978

Gilbert discusses his training program in lighting design and production management at the University of Wisconsin, Madison as well as recent projects.


Informal discussion between Gilbert and the student delegation to the 1976 OISTAT convention on theater technology in Prague, Czechoslovakia. He discusses his perspectives on lighting design, production management, and things that young designers should contemplate when thinking about a professional career in the theater. This discussion was held over brunch in Amsterdam on the way to the convention in Prague. The background noises from the kitchen come and go and are worse at the beginning of the tape but improve after the first 8 minutes or so.