David Martin Jacques Professor, California State University, Long Beach

In 1980, Gilbert Hemsley was generous enough to take me under his wing and hire me right out of graduate school to be his assistant at Miami Opera. I was fortunate to be among the many students that he helped lead into the profession. Gilbert was a true man of the theater. He believed that education continues throughout our lives., and that one cannot learn enough about the theater, the world and humanity. I have never met someone with more knowledge of the theater, and a more generous heart to share this knowledge with young artists. He understood the necessity of the mentoring system in our profession and would go to any lengths to offer learning opportunities to his students.

F. Mitchell Dana Professor, Rutgers University

The Gilbert Hemsley Internship…is the only place I know of where an organized internship on this scale is offered, and the benefits are obvious… There is the unparalleled opportunity to work alongside some of the nation’s best lighting designers, study their individual style and technique and observe them work under pressure. I have worked for the NYC Opera, know many of these young interns, and know their worth and imprimatur of quality that comes with having been a GVH intern…This is quite simply the best possible internship in lighting today.

R. Craig Wolf Professor, San Diego State University

The Gilbert Hemsley Master Classes are an important initiative because they reach so many students in such an influential way.

Linda Essig Professor, University of Wisconsin

Exposure to professional practice is probably the most important contribution this new master class program can make to academic institutions. The students were amazed by the amount of material covered and impressed by the congenial way in which the information was disseminated. I personally was glad to have the techniques I teach in class reinforced by a top-knotch professional and it’s always good for me to get a refresher too!